Infinity Tattoo Shop's History - A Portland Original Tattoo Parlor

Infinity Tattoo Shop's History - A Portland Original Tattoo Parlor

Infinity Tattoo Parlor was started by Amanda Myers in 1993, after apprenticing and working at Don Deaton’s Sea Tramp Tattoo Co. for three years.

Jason, Nancy, Jeff, Amanda and Paul with Son Errol and daughter RomaIn 1993, Portland, Oregon was something new and fresh.  Custom art work in a clean and welcoming space with a little girlie energy was hard to find, especially in a street shop.

With only a handful of tattoo shops in the Portland area, Amanda had the opportunity to offer something different to the public.  With a small crew of newbies, Infinity Tattoo opened on East Burnside and 22nd Avenue.  It sure was a different neighborhood then!

After several years of sole proprietorship, Amanda’s husband Paul Zenk joined the team and took up as partner and artist.

Garden Studio - Infinity TattooInfinity Tattoo Salon has seen an enormous amount of talent and friendship within it’s walls.  Many fine men and women tattooers have come and gone through the years, and some have remained with us to this day. 

After 8 years on Burnside, Paul and Amanda, moved the whole operation to a small private studio behind their house in North Portland.  With it’s high ceilings and skylights, hidden behind a magical garden, the tiny shop had a special hidden away gem of a feel. 

Hidden maybe, not slow. After almost 4 years there, Infinity Tattoo Shop outgrew the little garden spot and moved into a nice shiny big space just 1 block away.

Infinity Tattoo Parlor remains at this location on N. Lombard Steet presently; busy as ever with the energy and excitement of people getting tattooed for the first time, or the 100th.  Having fun and being inspired by each other and our huge family of clients is what makes us all tick here at Infinity.

Amanda and Paul continue to operate Infinity together, with a shared commitment not only to their clients, but to their community as well.  Yearly charitable fundraisers and donations to local schools and non-profit organizations are a way Infinity Tattoo Shop can give back and help others.