Address 3316 N. LOMBARD ST. PORTLAND, OR 97217

Colby Pfister

Colby Pfister was born a Leo in the summer of 1983 in beautiful Connecticut. Growing up as a child he was constantly drawing on everything from paper and kitchen walls to concrete and school desks. At the ripe age of 18, Colby travelled to Indiana where he attended college at Purdue University in West Lafayette. After 5 years spent in Indiana, and armed with a degree in illustration, Colby moved out west to sunny Lake Tahoe, California. Once there, he did a traditional 2 year apprenticeship and learned the magical craft of tattooing. After 6 years in Lake Tahoe, it was time for a change and a move back to reality. Fast forward to today and you can find Colby making a variety of tattoos in many different styles here in Portland at Infinity Tattoo.

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